About Me

254779_10150349430645729_1073440_nA Fulbright scholar, science writer and journalist– that’s what I am in a nut-shell. My interests span the environment, conservation and public health issues. I love traveling and have had the opportunity to walk on Himalayan glaciers, live on mangrove islands, and roam tiger territories through my association with WWF-India. While writing is my strongest medium of communication, I recently fell in love with radio and science documentary film, both of which were introduced to me through my Science Journalism Masters Program at Boston University (graduation Jan 2012). I enjoyed my science journalism training in America, although I refused to let go of Britishisms and often needed help figuring out how many kilometres make a mile.

Following my graduation, I worked as an associate producer with The Chedd-Angier Production Company, in Boston, on a ten-part ocean conservation documentary series for PBS. ‘Saving the Ocean’  aired on several local PBS stations nationwide, and has received international interest through its online and social media audiences. I have also supported scientific research through communications at Earthwatch Institute in Boston, and research writing for Invent Now, Inc.’s National Inventors Hall of Fame and Collegiate Inventors Competition.

Currently, I’m a PhD student at Northwestern University, working as part of the Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact team. My research interests include studying organizational communications in the nonprofit sector.