Three Colours

Three colours

My childhood days were radiant as the colour white
I skipped around to yankee doodle and sang ‘Molly’ with Doblin might.
I thought not much of my future which was waiting for me in the West
I thought not much of my tongue which was going to be put to the test.

My teenage years dyed my fingers blue with all the ink I spent
Writing yarns and yarns of school work with an English bent.
Today I choose the pentameter to stress my entrenched delight
But I owe allegiance to the land that has paid to have me write

Red was the colour of my jet-lagged eyes when they stared at the horizon’s seam
The day I flew over the Atlantic, to pursue my own American dream.
It’s also the colour of microsoft squiggles which harass my extra ‘u’s
But it’s only one among many in this country of different hues.

The Briton in me could carry on logue but now I’ve learnt to preen
My final thoughts are no surprise to those who know me keen.
Yes, God should bless America and long should live the Queen
But the only three shades that paint my soul are orange, white and green.

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